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Blue Haven: Listening Post learnings

Blue Haven Illawarra’s new Chief Operating Officer Kerrin Hunter and Chief Executive Officer Jane Stroud recently held a series of open disclosure Listening Post sessions and will now work through the issues and opportunities for improvement that were raised.

The Listening Posts were held at Blue Haven’s residential aged care facility (RACF) and independent living units (ILUs) and attended by residents and their families. The Listening Posts have been invaluable in learning about current issues and opportunities for improvement.

Feedback from residents and their families included:

  • Requests to improve menu options in the residential aged care facility (RACF)
  • Communication / handover during shift changes between staff could be improved
  • Gardening and pride in the surrounds of all independent living units (ILUs) is imperative
  • Challenges in sharing areas such as the meeting hall at Bonaira, deck, foyers and roadways, could be improved by clearer policies and expectations
  • Quality of clinical care is essential, appropriate equipment and responsive complaints management is core to the business
  • Care, professionalism and attention of staff is seen as a real positive
  • Maintenance regime and request for capital works for all ILUs needs to be clearer
  • Communication could be improved
  • Reinstatement of social events and activities at the RACF and ILUs is welcome with easing of public health orders and restrictions

Ms Hunter and the new Blue Haven Board with work closely with CEO Ms Stroud to progressively address these issues, and make immediate service changes where required.

One example of where Ms Hunter has been making immediate changes following feedback, includes a review of our Blue Haven Club additional services program.

Blue Haven has also purchased additional clinical equipment to aid in the provision of care, with particular focus on pressure relieving equipment such as air mattresses, ROHO cushions and booties. These needs were identified after investigating two complaints at the RACF, that we are currently working to resolve.

“We are working hard to create improved offerings that better meet the needs of and provide continued value for money to all residents,” said Ms Hunter.

Any residents or families who wish to discuss these or any other matters further or in more detail, please get in touch:


23rd Dec 2021



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