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Blue Haven seeks feedback to improve

As Kiama Council’s aged care business Blue Haven Illawarra moves into a new era of management, senior staff are keen to listen to feedback and engage in open discussions with both residents of our Independent Living Units (ILUs), residents in our Residential Aged Care facility (RACF), and their families.

“We know the best way to drive positive change is to value customer feedback and complaints and have open conversations with our customers. The next few months for our service at the RACF especially are critical as we prepare for accreditation processes,” said Kiama Council CEO Jane Stroud.

Two recent customer complaints at the RACF have been received in regards to the daily operations of the facility.

Complaints and concerns from residents or carers are taken very seriously and Kiama Council CEO Jane Stroud and Kerrin Hunter, Blue Haven’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), will be holding a series of listening post meetings to hear more from residents and their loved ones and identify any concerns, address issues and have a clear plan of action. This process in the aged care industry is known as open disclosure.

Open disclosure is a requirement under the Aged Care Quality Standards under Standard 6: Feedback and Complaints, which aims to promote a clear and consistent approach to open communication with customers, encourages them to give positive and negative feedback about the care and services they receive and helps organisations keep improving and resolve issues.

Ms Stroud said “I take complaints very seriously and would like to use this moment, together with Blue Haven COO Kerrin Hunter, to listen to residents and carers, not just in the RACF at Bonaira, but also those who reside in our Independent Living Units at Terralong Street and Bonaira.”

“No business is perfect. Blue Haven is no exception to this, but we are looking to learn from any mistakes, listen to what needs to improve, and address our customer’s needs.”

“Blue Haven can thrive off customer feedback, identifying issues, highlighting strengths or weaknesses and helping us focus our actions and workforce improvements, so that we can be prepared for accreditation at the RACF, and better manage the business.”

Ms Stroud and Ms Hunter will hold a series of listening post meetings over the coming weeks, on site at the RACF and also at the Terralong Street and Bonaira ILUs.

Blue Haven residents, as well as their families and loved ones, are invited to come along and speak with senior management about challenges, or positive aspects.

As well as in-person events, Ms Hunter will host an online Zoom meeting for RACF residents and families those who can’t attend in person.

All feedback will be gathered and presented to the new Blue Haven Board, who will be working closely with the COO and CEO on strategic direction and operations of the business.

Ms Hunter said: “It is our absolute priority to ensure the health, happiness and wellbeing of all our residents in our ILUs and at the RACF, and we have done and will continue to work with our residents, alongside their families and loved ones, to provide the best possible care.”

Ms Stroud said: “I am keeping an open mind and am hopeful I hear some positive items and learn about some details in our service and sites that may need our attention. We know from the findings of the Royal Commission that transparency and ensuring open lines of communication and complaint is essential in the provision of aged care services to the elderly.”

“These forums give our Blue Haven residents a way to talk to us, and ensure that our obligations in meeting the act are delivered,” said Ms Stroud.

The listening post meetings will be held at the following dates and locations:


Independent Living Units (ILUs) only

23 November*, 3pm: Bonaira, Matterson Hall (community hall)

15 December*, 9.30am: Terralong, Conservatory, Stage 5

(*dates are concurrent with the ILU AGMs)


Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) Bonaira only

24 November, 3pm, Bonaira, Matterson Hall (community hall) – NOTE UPDATED TIME

2 December, 11am, Bonaira, Matterson Hall (community hall)


ZOOM option – RACF residents and families only

13 December, 2pm – for link, please email Helena Band


If you wish express your views in writing, you can also send us a letter or email us via


Photo: Kiama Council CEO Jane Stroud at Blue Haven Bonaira


29th Nov 2021



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