Blue Haven Illawarra | Enhancing resident care through Blue Haven’s call bell system
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Enhancing resident care through Blue Haven’s call bell system

Blue Haven has introduced an advanced call bell system at our Bonaira Residential Aged Care Facility. It’s as simple as a button press for our residents to notify our dedicated staff whenever they need assistance.

This means our residents have a direct line to request immediate help, ensuring a swift response in critical situations, thus bolstering resident safety.

We understand that some residents might find traditional call bell systems challenging to use or occasionally forget to request assistance. To address this, we have also implemented bed and chair sensors in designated resident rooms, offering an automated alert system that ensures immediate staff intervention when assistance is required.

Efficient Response with Staff Pagers

Our dedicated staff members are equipped with pagers to ensure they remain responsive to residents’ needs. Whether a resident requires assistance or is simply moving around, our staff receive real-time notifications, enabling a swift and efficient response to any request. This proactive approach minimises the need for residents to initiate the call bell.

Personalised Care and Engagement

At Blue Haven, we place great emphasis on personalised care. Our staff take the time to understand each resident’s unique routines and preferences, allowing us to deliver tailored support. We encourage residents to communicate their preferred wake-up times and daily requirements, enabling us to create a customised daily experience that maximises engagement and comfort.

Continuous Improvement and Data-Driven Care

We rigorously audit our call bell system to ensure it aligns with residents’ needs and aids in determining optimal staffing levels. Furthermore, call bell data supports roster planning, refines residents’ care plans, and assists in any incidents within our aged care home.

Accessible Assistance Throughout Our Facility

Call bells are strategically placed throughout our facility, including bathrooms, lounge areas, and resident rooms.

For added convenience, residents have the option to wear a pendant around their necks, providing peace of mind and immediate assistance access, regardless of their location within our home.

At Blue Haven, resident’s safety, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our advanced call bell system is a testament to our unwavering dedication to our resident’s well-being.


9th Nov 2023



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