Blue Haven Illawarra | Aged Care Commission’s follow-up Site Audit yields progress and insights
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Aged Care Commission’s follow-up Site Audit yields progress and insights

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) last week conducted an unannounced two-day site audit at our Blue Haven Bonaira Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF).

The result shows progress on our Accreditation Standards. The ACQSC have reported that the previous 11 unmet standards out of a total of 42 from the Accreditation Assessment in September 2022 have now reduced to 7. This outcome does not impact on Blue Haven’s accreditation that was granted to April 2025 after the visit in September 2022. The 7 unmet standards compare to 35 met standards which is an increase from the previous 31.

“This unannounced visit forms an integral part of the ACQSC’s rigorous compliance and regulatory framework. The aged care industry is an increasingly difficult operating environment and we welcome external feedback as an opportunity to improve our services,” said Joe Gaudiosi, Kiama Municipal Council Chief Operating Officer.

“We are committed to continuous improvement and maintaining the highest level of care and safety for our residents.”

“The result demonstrates that despite a hectic 6 month period with changes in management, the action plans and improvement initiatives have contributed positively,” said Mr Gaudiosi.

Blue Haven’s Residential Aged Care Facility adheres to standard practice of regular audits, which are integral to maintaining quality care.

The Aged Care Commission will continue to work closely with Blue Haven to monitor progress and support efforts to meet the required standards.

Blue Haven remains committed to transparency and open communication with residents, families and the wider community.



The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Accreditation Assessment is based on the 8 Quality Standards, encompassing a total of 42 criteria, which serve as benchmarks for evaluating the quality of care and services provided by aged care facilities. Blue Haven had undergone the rigorous assessment to ensure compliance with the highest standards of care and safety for its residents in September 2022

Further information: Home | Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission


4th Aug 2023



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