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Blue Haven celebrates International Nurses Day

12 May marks International Nurses Day – a special day to celebrate our dedicated nursing and care staff.

Our nurses and aged care staff provide compassionate care to our residents and their families and help people during their most vulnerable times.

Jyoti Paudel is one of our incredible nurses at Blue Haven. We caught up with Jyoti to ask her a few questions about her profession.


1. Tell us about yourself

I moved to Australia in 2019 and completed my Bachelors of Nursing from Edith Cowan University in Perth. Before this, I was working in my home country Nepal as an Intensive Care Unit Nurse (ICU Nurse). I now work at Blue Haven as a registered nurse.


2. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

I grew up in Nepal with a hospital right around the corner from my home.

I remember witnessing patients who were anxious to be admitted to the facility, some crying in pain, grieving families… I have seen a lot. I saw the nurses not only delivering medical care, but that they were also a tremendous source of comfort to their patients and their families. I gained an incredible respect for nurses because of what I witnessed at that hospital near my house in Nepal.  

When I was a little older, my mother was admitted to the hospital with jaundice. She is thankful to this day for the nurses that treated her and for their care and support during her treatment. My mother always used to say that I would make a good nurse… she says I have had a kind and caring personality since I was a child. I suppose that’s what planted the seed- I began to picture myself being a nurse and serving people. I believe mums are never wrong! Here I am today, taking pride in what I do.


3.Tell us about your studies to become a nurse?  

I did my Bachelors of Nursing in 2021 at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Studying nursing was quite expensive for me as an international student. I had to move to WA, away from my partner to pursue my education. My partner and I both had to work multiple jobs so that we could save up for my university fee.

Coming from a different country where English is my second language and with the cultural difference, I was struggling to make friends and I felt isolated when I first started school. It took some time for me to open up with my school mates. I gradually began to discuss my academic concerns with my tutors, who guided me through the process.  

I was amazed to discover that there are a variety of pathways in nursing that I could pursue in Australia. Of all the options, I chose to work in the aged care sector.

I am very thankful to each and every person I have met throughout my journey. Without their support, I wouldn’t have landed my dream job here at Blue Haven!


 4. Describe a day in the life of a nurse at Blue Haven?

In Blue Haven, there are two registered nurses (RNs) on the floor throughout the day, and one RN on night shift. The RNs usually start their shift with a handover and plan their day prioritising the tasks in the handover. As a registered nurse on the floor, you are responsible to lead your team including the care staff and team leaders.

The RNs work in collaboration with other allied health professionals to ensure quality care for the residents. RNs are also responsible to conduct assessments, care planning and evaluation to address the care needs of the residents.

We have very approachable educators and managers offering continuous training and education to the staff for their professional development at Blue Haven, it’s great. They are onsite during weekdays- always ready to help RNs as needed. There’s a lot of support here.


 5. What’s most rewarding about of your job?

For me, the most rewarding part of being a nurse is job satisfaction. I can go home knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life, which gives me a feeling of self-worth.

I also hear many inspiring stories from our residents that motivates me to acquire more knowledge and develop skills to deliver optimal nursing care for them.


 6. Any advice for new nurses?

I feel that you have to have a genuine care and a kind heart to be a nurse. You might have all the qualifications and skills to be a registered nurse, but if you do not have empathy and sympathy towards people, you won’t be able to deliver quality care to your clients.

Also, you learn something new every day. It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing this job – there’s always more to learn, and that’s what nursing is all about. If you are not confident in doing something, all you have to do is seek help from your supervisor, they will always be there to guide you and support you.


7. Why do you enjoy working at Blue Haven?

I joined Blue Haven in 2021. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started as it was a completely new sector for me, however I received tremendous support from my managers, educators and senior staff. They all assisted me throughout my transition and I’m grateful.

The best part for me as a RN at Blue Haven is our diverse team that works together. All the staff are respectful towards each other, which creates a positive and productive work environment, and makes everyone feel inclusive.

I’m fortunate to receive guidance and support from our educators and managers here.  I’m currently studying ‘Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and Leadership’ from Blue Haven.

This course will allow me to develop a deeper understanding of chronic geriatric conditions and end of life-care for ageing populations.


8.Anything else to add?

I would like to thank the Blue Haven team for providing an opportunity to share my story with everyone. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY!!



A big THANK YOU to Jyoti and the rest of our incredible nursing teams and care staff for your hard work and dedication.

Blue Haven is grateful for your committed service to our residents and clients and we are thankful for all the amazing work you do!




11th May 2023



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