Blue Haven Illawarra | Seniors Week 2023 – Kiama Preschool visits Blue Haven
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Seniors Week 2023 – Kiama Preschool visits Blue Haven

Clients of Blue Haven’s Seaside Group were joined by youngsters from the Kiama Preschool during Seniors Week for a morning of intergenerational fun and socialising. There were paints, textas, parachutes, song and dance activities as well as ‘getting to know you’ conversations. Lots of laughs and sharing between grand-friends and little-friends.

“Blue Haven and Kiama Preschool used to enjoy regular visits together, but these visits were put on hold due to COVID-19”, said Marianna Parish, Manager of Community Programs. “We hope this event re-ignites an ongoing relationship between our clients and the preschool”.

The visits benefit both young and old alike, as some children don’t have grandparents nearby, and vice versa.

The forging of intergenerational relationships also makes us feel connected. Seniors can be our greatest teachers and instruct us with words and stories of the past. They can share a lifetime of accumulated wisdom and help us learn about the world and ourselves as they teach us with their life experience.


8th Feb 2023



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