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Oldest residents celebrated

What better way to mark the International Day of Older Persons than getting our oldest locals together for one big celebration.

About 40 centenarians, and people within a decade of the milestone, came to the party organised by Council with friends and family members.

They were entertained by live music, enjoyed an afternoon tea including a cake donated by Parfait Patisserie, and received hand-made cards from the children at Create Imagine Learn Childcare Centre in Kiama Downs.

The Bugle took the opportunity to chat with people about their lives and times as they sat around the tables and enjoyed the event, which was attended by the Mayor, councillors, council staff and the local MPs, Fiona Phillips and Gareth Ward.

Bev Sherwood, who recently celebrated her birthday [Gerringong celebrates Bev’s birthday], was eating cake she cut when she exclaimed, “I’m 102 and I’m having a good time!” She misses her husband, who she explains as a ‘wonderful man’, and often remembers the time she rejected his first offer to dance and how they used to laugh at the memory together.

101 year old Alvin Manning and his wife Valerie visited Blue Haven for the celebration. They recalled that while Alvin would spend his time volunteering with Bankstown Rural Fire Service, Valerie was busy doing all kinds of dancing, including ballroom and Scottish country dancing.

Valerie now enjoys looking nice with her pink hair and reminisces on the ‘fabulous time’ when she was first married to a light keeper and would live in various lighthouses along the NSW coast.

A local for over 40 years, Iris Champion, who will celebrate her 95th birthday next week, once enjoyed knitting, sewing and tapestry. “You name it, I’ve done it,” she insists. She now does crocheting and says she misses her well-working knees and eyes.

Blue Haven resident, Thelma Allman, admitted she came in on accident while on a walk. It seems Thelma hasn’t gotten any less active as she grew older with her usual walk down to the beach and back.

“I had to ride my bike about 8 kilometres to a little country school every day. I am sure that is why I have strong legs, I don’t have a stick or anything,” she says.


5th Oct 2022



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