Blue Haven Illawarra | Considering care: Sandra’s perspective
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Considering care: Sandra’s perspective

Our very own Blue Haven resident Sandra Golding has been nominated in the ISLHD (Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District) Quality and Innovation Awards for her video about transitioning into Aged Care. The Awards Ceremony was held at the Shellharbour Civic Centre in June and Sandra was a finalist of four contestants.

In the video, Sandra speaks about her experience transitioning into Aged Care. Like others in her situation, she was initially anxious about going into a nursing home. The day the doctor said her health has deteriorated and it was no longer safe for her to live by herself, “It was a difficult day” she says.

Sandra shares her relatable message about the transition, in the hope that she can help diffuse others’ anxiety about the process.

When she first arrived at Blue Haven, Sandra had reservations much like anyone else would have. She had questions such as whether she would be alone or make any friends.

Sandra says the transition into aged care has been easier than she expected, due to all the support she received when moving into Blue Haven. She said she appreciated the “5-star facilities” and the fact there were so many people around to help her settle in.

“A lot of people are frightened within themselves, and they don’t like the sound of leaving their home and coming into [the facility]. “

“If you sit and brood about everything all the time, you’re making your life unbearable”, says Sandra.

She said she has gained a whole new life at Blue Haven that exceeded her hopes.

“From the day I moved in here, I told myself that it was up to me to make my life something rather than just sit in the corner,” she says.

Prior to moving into Blue Haven, Sandra says she was often by herself all day in her flat, only seeing people when she went out to the shops. “But here you see people all the time. There are a lot of activities, and the people are so friendly”.

Since becoming a Blue Haven resident, Sandra still loves to write letters. She continues to make her own bed by choice each morning. She still launders her own clothes and relishes going for walks outdoors. And she still loves making herself a cup of tea.

Sandra says her quality of life has also improved because she has less to worry about – “I was worrying myself sick in my unit [before I moved to Blue Haven].”

“That part has eased completely,” she says,” I don’t have the worries that I did before, because there are so many people around to help me.”

Sandra offers some advice for others in her situation, “Don’t be lonely. Don’t sit in the corner because there’s no one around to talk to you. There are plenty of people, lovely people, in nursing homes.”

She encourages others considering the move to Aged Care to make the leap: “You will end up with more friends than you can count”.

Sandra’s video can be viewed here: Considering Care – Sandra’s Perspective. 


27th Jul 2022



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