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ADF support for Blue Haven

Australian Army officer Captain Chanel Aguilar (left) assists Ms Lisa Morgan conduct administration as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist.

Blue Haven Illawarra will host an Australian Defence Force (ADF) team for seven days starting Monday 28 February, which will provide administrative and logistics support to our Bonaira Residential Aged Care Facility.

CEO Jane Stroud has thanked the ADF for providing the four-person team, part of Operation COVID-19 Assist and backed by the Aged Care Commissioner.

“I’m proud of how our Blue Haven staff managed the challenges of the recent lockdown, ensuring our residents were safe and well taken care of each day,” Ms Stroud said.

“Now that we’ve reopened, we need to do a number of things, including a thorough stocktake and supply chain review.”

“This is something the ADF excels at, and I’m glad to have their expertise to assess our equipment and supplies, and advise on our stock replacement systems.”

“This will give our administrative staff an extra set of expert hands at a time when all aged care providers are facing staff shortages and supply issues.”

The ADF team will also be spending time with residents to assist staff with social activities.

“Our residents were in lock down for a long time over the Christmas and New Year holidays.”

“Having some new faces around, wearing the reassuring uniforms of defence forces, will really boost the spirits of residents as well as our staff,” said Ms Stroud.

Ms Stroud said she had contacted residents and their families, as well as staff, to explain what was happening.

Each member of the ADF team has been through an induction into aged care, has had IPC and PPE training and is fully-vaccinated.


When will the Australian Defence Force (ADF) team arrive?
9am Monday 28 February 2022.

How many will be on site? The ADF is sending a 4-person team.

 How long will they be at Blue Haven? The ADF is providing support for a period of 7 days.

What is the ADF doing at Blue Haven? The ADF team will provide administrative and logistics support, and will also assist staff with other tasks including social activities with residents.

Will they be in uniform? Yes, the ADF team will be in uniform.


27th Feb 2022



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