Blue Haven Illawarra | Covid-19 update – Monday 7 February 2022
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Covid-19 update – Monday 7 February 2022

Blue Haven Illawarra has implemented a staged re-opening of its Bonaira Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), following the recent lockdown due to COVID-19.

Blue Haven has extra precautions in place as part of the staged re-opening, in line with advice from the NSW Department of Health.

CEO Jane Stroud has thanked residents, their families and friends as well as staff for their support and efforts during the lockdown, and has asked for further patience during the re-opening process.

“We want to help family and friends visit our residents where possible. And we know that many are especially keen to do so, given the restrictions we had to place over the festive and holiday season, but we are balancing this against the high-level of COVID-19 transmission in the wider community,” Ms Stroud said.

“While most people with COVID-19 make a full recovery, our residents are much more vulnerable due to their age and often chronic health conditions.”

Family and friends need to book their visit, ensure they are fully vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19 and take a temperature, symptom and RAT test on arrival.

Residents can have one visitor per day between 10am-2pm, seven days per week.

Care and compassionate visits can be made at any time by contacting reception or the registered nurse (after hours).

Outdoor visits are being encouraged where possible as a further safety measure.

The Blue Haven began limiting visits to the RACF from Christmas Eve due to the increase of the Omnicron variant of COVID-19 in the general community.

A precautionary lockdown was then put in place on 2 January when a staff member tested positive to COVID-19, as per health guidelines.

Residents, their families and staff in the RACF were immediately informed of the lockdown and the staff member isolated at home.

During the lockdown period, two residents of the RACF and 18 staff tested positive. The residents were placed in isolation in their rooms and provided dedicated support. Affected staff isolated at home.

Ms Stroud said while the lockdown had ended, she would continue to keep residents, their families and staff informed about the COVID-19 status of Blue Haven Bonaira and safety measures would remain in place.

“This has been a stressful time for everyone, especially those with loved ones in aged care homes.”

“I want to assure our residents and their loved ones that we are doing all we can and we’ll keep you up-to-date as we manage your health and safety.”

All residents who opted-in have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with 87 per cent now triple-vaccinated.

All staff are required to be double-vaccinated under Australian law, with 49 per cent also now opting for the voluntary third vaccination.

Family and friends with questions or concerns can contact Blue Haven on (02) 4203 4055


Blue Haven’s Community Services team had one positive COVID-19 test result from an administrative officer on 23 December.

The Community Services office was closed and all staff were sent for testing before isolating at home for 14 days.

Blue Haven clients were notified on 24 December.


7th Feb 2022



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