Blue Haven Illawarra | Chief Operating Officer and Advisory Board
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Chief Operating Officer and Advisory Board

Kiama Council is advertising for a new Chief Operating Officer and non-executive board members to run its Blue Haven Illawarra aged care service.

Blue Haven has been part of Kiama Council and the Kiama community for over 40 years.

In its current state, the Blue Haven portfolio provides various levels of services and supports for daily living to seniors within Kiama and the Illawarra.

The creation of the Blue Haven Advisory Board and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) role are key steps in Council’s approach to providing good leadership, professional acumen and focused attention on an important part of our business.

Kiama Council is 1 of the largest local-government providers of aged care services in Australia.

Kiama CEO Jane Stroud said she is looking for qualified people who are aged-care experts with both commercial acumen and a good insight into the care side of the business.

“In aged care services right now, the Royal Commission recommendations are changing the way the service operates and we need to ensure we are actioning these important directions and keeping up with the industry times,” said Ms. Stroud.

The creation of the Blue Haven Advisory Board was a direct result of legislative amendments to improve governance and compliance that came out of the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care.

The Advisory Board is created under the Local Government Act sections 355 and 377, where councils are able to delegate aspects of their management functions to a committee.

Council typically uses this delegation power to appoint individuals with the relevant expertise and skills to manage facilities and services through a section 355 committee.

The Advisory Board will be made up of 2 Councillors and 5 independent experts, who are being sought via Board Direction.

The COO role is advertised through aged care experts McArthur.

“I’m looking for super-talented, independent experts such as gerontologists, academics and recently retired former commercial executives who are stretch thinkers that still want to be involved in guiding the aged care sector,” said Ms. Stroud.

Kiama Mayor Mark Honey said, “By taking great care of our Blue Haven residents, I’m keen to see our proud tradition of aged care services honoured, and to give the service the bold future it needs in the face of industry reform, changing commercial realities, and increased compliance requirements.


23rd Aug 2021



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