Blue Haven Illawarra | COVID-19 Update 20 August 2020
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COVID-19 Update 20 August 2020

Date: August 20th 2020

Covid-19 Restrictions: Important update from NSW Health


Dear residents, families and visitors,

NSW Health have issued an important update to visitor restrictions for all aged care facilities in NSW.
The advice states that until further notice any visitor to an aged care facility should be excluded from the facility
if they have visited or been to any of the following areas in the previous 14 days.

Click the link to view the Local district areas and Local Government Areas listed in this letter

Local Health Districts and Local Government Areas are listed here:  Blue Haven Covid-19 update September 1st 2020

Please note that this new requirement effects those that live in or have just visited these areas. For
example; you may live in Shellharbour but visited Bowral for dinner last weekend. If this is the case then
you must stay away from Blue Haven until 14 days since you last visited that area.

To help us keep Covid-19 out please do not visit if you have been to any of these areas in the previous 14

If you are uncertain if an area you have visited is included in the restrictions then please call Blue Haven to
discuss this with us prior to your visit on 02 4232 1144.

NSW have made clear that there will be no exceptions to this advice for Father’s Day. If you were planning
on visiting at Father’s Day but due to these new restrictions are now not eligible please contact us to
discuss how we can facilitate a connection by phone or video call.

If you require any further information or if I can be of assistance at all please do not hesitate to contact Blue Haven Directly on (02) 4203 4055 or



1st Sep 2020



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